A350 Curve Treadmill – Ligum Fight Gear


Product/Packaging Information
Product Weight
120 kg
Product Dimensions
183cm(L) x 88cm(W) x 152cm(H)
Shipping Weight
120 kg
Shipping Dimensions
190cm(L) x 95cm(W) x 60cm(H)
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The A350 Curve Treadmill by Ligum Fight Gear is a cutting-edge treadmill meticulously designed to cater to diverse fitness needs. This innovative fitness equipment boasts a range of features that set it apart in the realm of manual curve treadmills.

Designed with user versatility in mind, the A350 offers 6 resistance levels and 4 exercise patterns, providing a customisable workout experience suitable for individuals with varying fitness goals and levels. Precision is at the forefront of its construction, featuring 116 precision ball bearings and 14 roller guides to ensure smooth and consistent motion.

The treadmill’s standout feature lies in its high-quality and durable crawler-type aluminum ARC running belt. This unique design not only replicates the feel of real running but also effectively minimises impact on the knees, promoting a safer and more comfortable exercise experience.

The user-friendly computer display keeps track of essential parameters such as time, calories burned, and speed in real-time. Additionally, it provides a clear overview of target progress, empowering users to monitor and optimise their fitness journey.

With its sleek design, precision engineering, and user-centric features, the A350 Manual Curve Treadmill stands as a testament to durability, functionality, and innovation.


  • Large running surface
  • Shock absorbing rubber slats
  • Energy-saving without electricity
  • Self-powered and non-motorised
  • Non-slip running surface


  • Max user weight: 180 kg
  • Product weight: 190 kg
  • Resistance regulation: Magnetic control
  • Product material: iron and PVC


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