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Anabolic Steroids For Females

Testoprop 100mg an injectable steroid (Anabolic Steroids For Females) that solvated in oil and propionate easter attached with a androgen and anabolic steroid, primarily used to treat low testosterone level men because of androgen deficiency ( due to hypogonadism or andropause). Bodybuilders often use it to gain body mass, and considered one of the basic steroids for all cycles/phases. It has a short half-life; thus, it doesn’t remain in a body for a long time.

Anabolic Steroids For Females

This steroid mechanism occurs in two ways, either by conversion to estradiol or by activation of an androgen receptor. Testosterone found in the human body transferred toward the cytoplasm of target cells, attaching itself to an androgen receptor or reduced to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The HREs impact activity of targeted genes, thus enhancing the androgen effect.

How to take testoprop 100mg: 

First of all, it should not be taken intravenously, and the injection must be inserted deep inside the required muscle. The dosage pattern can vary from person to person according to age, mechanism etc. the dosages modified accordingly as per the person response. According to some experts, a small dosage with a long interval should be administered at the beginning of the cycle. Usually, 40-500mg can be given in 2-4 weeks.

Risks and side effects of testoprop 100mg:

  • The most common side effects may include swelling at the injection site, mood swings, hair growth, and gynecomastia( breast enlargement)
  • Decrease in sperm count when the steroid overused.
  • The Heart problem can arise in few people.
  • Enlargement of the prostate gland characterized by frequent or urgent need to urinate, trouble in starting urination etc.
  • Liver problems like pale-colored stool dark color urine may appear.


Don’t take any steroid without consultation from a doctor. Tell your doctor if you are allergic to the medicine or any of its ingredients. Share your medical history with your doctor if you have had heart diseases, liver issues, kidney problems, breast or prostate cancer (in the case of men).misuse or abuse of this steroid can cause serious issues. It may cause tiredness, anxiety-related issues when you stop using this steroid.

How to buy testoprop 100mg online:

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