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    • LOCKOUT POSITIONS: For maximum user safety and convenience.
    • CARRIAGE PLATE LOAD SYSTEM: Allows for easy access to load and de-load Olympic weight plates.
    • LARGE GROOVED FOOT PLATE: Prevent your feet from slipping whilst you workout.
    • ADJUSTABLE FOOT PLATE / SAFETY STOP:Experience complete control over your range of motion with the adjustable foot plate. And with the adjustable safety stop, you can train with confidence until you reach your limit.
    • ADJUSTABLE COUNTTERBALANCE: The counterbalance is adjustable and uses weight plates, allowing each user to easily adjust the starting resistance for all sets.


The machine you need for when you’re serious about leg day. Body Iron Pendulum Squat is the ultimate lower body builder.

What is the function of the Body Iron Commercial Pendulum Squat Machine?
With the Body Iron Commercial Pendulum Squat Machine, adjusting your foot placement enables you to specifically focus on different sections of your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. This motion mimics a squat, alleviating strain on your lower back, and it can be done with minimal weight while still achieving a intense level of resistance. This machine is also ideal for performing high-rep “drop sets.”

One of the standout features of the Pendulum Squat is its innovative pull-pin mechanism, allowing for adjustable front angles. This groundbreaking design empowers you to target different muscle groups effectively and safely by controlling the angle of the footplate. But that’s not all. The footplate can now be adjusted forwards and backward, making it perfect for pinpointing specific areas and accommodating users of varying heights. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all workouts and hello to tailored precision

To keep up with your heavy lifting days, this lower body machine has a huge 450kg weight capacity, and can be loaded up with Olympic weight plates. It also allows for four lockout positions that are completely under the users control.

Additional features include the large, non-slip foot and the ultra-thick, double-stitched upholstery for maximum safety, stability and support.

With 12 months warranty it’s an easy decision to make this Pendulum Squat the new centre piece of any gym!

Please note: This Pendulum Squat Machine is only compatible with Olympic weight plates.

Installation and assembly required, please talk with your AS representative. Please follow all appropriate directions when installing the equipment. Contact Arsenal Strength with any questions or concerns at

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