Ascend 2.0

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Size & Spec

Product Weight

91.5kg (202lbs)

Boxed Dimensions

232 x 76 x 33cm

Assembled Size

109 x 100 x 225cm

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4x adjustable handlebar positions for athletes of all sizes


Gym Gear’s Ascend 2.0 provides a total-body workout that saves you time and helps you train smarter. Designed for private and group HIIT training in mind. The Ascend 2.0 is easy to move and store, does not need to be plugged in, compatible with smartphones for personal record keeping via bluetooth, can easily track and measure resistance level from readouts on its back-lit console, and includes a variety of pre-built and customizable training programs for HIIT, target goal, and race options.

Product Features

  • Built with a heavy-duty Freestanding base that includes wheels for easy transportation
  • No plugs required, this unit has self-generating power. When you climb, the included batteries are recharged and the energy stored for future usage
  • With no plugs and no floor or wall-mounting required, simply move this unit into your workout space or outdoors when ready to use, and roll it away for storage when workouts are completed.
  • Easily measure and track performance with our backlit console
  • Console-controlled 16 levels of resistance has a large read out on console so you can track your workout intensity
  • 20” pedal stride and 30” handlebar stride for a comfortable and functional range of motion for your total-body workouts
  • 4x adjustable handlebar positions for athletes of all sizes
  • Backlit console with self-generating power
  • Built-in phone holder to keep your smartphone within view and reach
  • Activate Bluetooth compatibility with your smartphone apps or ant+ for connection to group leaderboard technologies
  • 9 standard console read-outs on every mode: Total Time, Speed, Workout Time, Step Length, Distance, Pulse, Calories/Hr or Total
    Calories, Interval, and Resistance Level
  • (7+) Race/Opponent Programs, (4+) Interval programs based on time, distance, calorie, or steps, (4) Target/Goal Programs, and ability
    to change between metric and imperial measurement settings

Extra Attachments:

Stepper Rail Attachment: Add a padded handle rail for customers to attach to existing Ascend 2.0 – Transforms the climbers base, making it more stable.  Also gives you the option to use the machine as a stepper by resting your hands on the handle rail and only using your legs, just like a stepper. Adding this attachment makes this machine a 2 in 1 vertical climber and stepper!

Climber Cross Crawl Attachment: This attachment converts the “standard pattern” elbow and knee on the same side of the body maintaining equal distance to a “cross crawl”  with the elbow and knee being opposite to each other.

Climber Extender Arms: Add more height to your Ascend 2.0 by extending the max height of handlebars – Increases the max height of the handles by 276mm (11 inches) and adds 126mm to the Ascend 2.0 making the total height go from 2254mm in total height without the extender to 2380mm in total height with the extender.


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