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You have many bacteria in your body. In fact, you have more of them than you have cells. Most are good for you. The ones found in your gut not only help you digest foods, they work all over your body and can be good for your physical and mental health.†

  1. One Capsule Per Day. FLORACIL50can be taken any time throughout the day.
  2. Take Daily. FLORACIL50 should be taken daily. Consistency is key.
  3. Take With a Meal. For best results and lower risk of upset stomach, take FLORACIL50 with a meal.


FLORACIL50 is an extra strength probiotic that is all about supporting healthy gut function, digestion, immune system function, and contains Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Reuteri Strains for hormonal balance.

FLORACIL50 contains 50 billion CFUs (“Colony Forming Units”) of 8 hand-picked strains grown over 12-14 weeks before being freeze dried by a patented probiotic preservation technology to keep them alive and able to reach your gut.

  • 50 Billion CFU
  • Digestion
  • Immunity

FLORACIL50 is the perfect probiotic.Support digestion, immunity & gut health with FLORACIL50.


Nourish your gut & digestion with FLORACIL50probiotic. Embrace the power of 50 Billion CFUs & a patented probiotic technology that ensures all cultures are alive & thriving when they reach your gut.†


Great care is put into our probiotic formulations. The gut is one of the most important systems to preserve in the human body. To do this, supplement with good probiotic bacteria to support a positive gut microbiome.†


Each of the 8 individually hand-picked strains of bacteria found in FLORACIL50 are backed by science and have unique special ways of supporting your digestion, gut and a healthy immune system.†


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