Over 150 Exercises in One Complete Strength Training System!

The Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer is the original pin and plate loaded all-in-one trainer. Combines a power rackfunctional trainersmith machinedip stationchin up stationcore trainersuspension trainerleg press, and low row into the space of a single power rack footprint!

  • Pin + Plate Loaded Weights
  • 2x 220 lb Stack Weights
  • Up to 11-In-1 Strength Training System
  • 2:1 Cable Pulley Ratio
  • Compatible with the new Force USA Training App
  • 19 Attachments Included
  • 6x Weight Plate Holders
  • Recommended for Home Use


You want a versatile, complete, and space-saving strength training machine for your home?

Meet the Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer —the original pin and plate loaded All-In-One Trainer.

Experience a variety of workout options normally found in an entire commercial gym in the footprint of a single power rack in your home.

The pin-loaded stack weights are connected to the functional trainer and cable crossover stations from the rear of the structure. Pin loading offers a quick, easy, and safe solution to selecting different weight levels in seconds.

Plate weights (sold separately) are used on both the power rack and smith machine stations that can easily be loaded from either side of the weight plate holders located on the rear of the structure.

Perform full-body training or break up your training days to focus on upper body or lower body training. Easily switch from split training, circuit training, WOD variations, super sets to endurance training in seconds!

The G6 All-In-One Trainer even includes built-in storage for an Olympic and Standard barbell, weight plates, and cable attachments so you can also keep your training space tidy, organized, and free of any trip hazards.

The Force USA G6 Is Ideal for When:

  • Your workout space is limited
  • You want to skip the commute to the gym
  • You want to work out privately in your home
  • You want access to a commercial gym at home
  • You want a complete all-in-one solution


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