Incline T-Bar Row


Technical specifications & Documents

Gym machine muscle target Back
Exercise types Strength training
Length 219 cm
Width 92 cm
Height 109 cm
Weight 74 kg
Cushion color Black/red
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Chest supported Incline T-Bar Row is one of the most common exercises we see for the back muscles. This can be because the exercise targets all the major back muscles, but mainly the latissimus dorsi. T-Bar rows are actually one of the few exercises where going heavy is advised. This because you place the body in an advantageous position, allowing it to move heavy weights in a safe way.

Special features

Our machine design has an easy start and end position, making it simpel for anyone to use the machine. It’s also suitable for all body lengths. What makes this machine special is the excellent aspect between the position of the breast pad and the inclination together with the movement of the lever. Training with this gym machine will be fun and rewarding. The design of the handle allows full movement length without compromise.

  • Designed with rubberized handles for extra comfort
  • Smooth starting procedure and finishing
  • Easy start and end position
  • Plate Loaded machine


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