Octane xR6 Classic Seated Elliptical

Original price was: $3,899.00.Current price is: $2,999.00.

FRAME: Lifetime
PARTS: 5 years
LABOR: 1 year
MAX USER WEIGHT: 300lbs (136kg)
FOOTPRINT: 35″ x 71″ (89cm x 181cm)
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 244lbs (110.7kg)


At the end of the day what the industrialized world is dealing with is an issue of storing too much energy, and not expending enough. In response, award winning and highly acclaimed Octane Fitness introduces the Octane xR6 Classic Seated Elliptical.

It’s the first model in the series, and a fascinating piece of fitness machinery which has completely reshaped what an elliptical machine can be. No longer are they exclusively upright. Now people can sit down and work out their entire musculature efficiently.

While commercial gyms could easily fit lots of these compact fitness wonders into a cardio area, the Octane xR6 Seated Elliptical Trainer is ideal for the home-gym setting. This is exemplified when riding it for a series of fantastic features.

The xR6 Seated Experience

The designers of this product had two foundational concepts in mind when they invested years of research and development into it: extremely high-quality exercise equipment that is results driven, and motivational.

In their estimation elliptical trainers had somewhat stagnated, and so Octane Fitness pushed the envelope. Rather than sitting down and peddling like on a recumbent bike, why not have wide feet pedals with a variable pumping motion? Instead of the upp body and core having nothing to do, why not fully engage them with specially crafted and moving handlebars?


Everything about the xR6 is ergonomic, from the way the legs and arms move, to the 20 different height positions, tilt settings, and the incredibly comfortable seat.

Machine Adaptation

Octane Fitness turned the industry standard completely on its head. Now the xR6 has enough customization and engineering packed into it so that it can adapt to the rider’s body and needs. This ensures proper posture, great workouts, and an invigorating ride every time.


Once a person finds the right settings and has programmed in the workout that suits their progressive fitness needs, PowerStroke technology has the central nervous system completely engulfed by the experience. The arms and legs are pumping and dealing with tension in sync, and through proper kinetic alignment, the body is working at optimal efficiency.


While all of the xR6 models come with tons of user friendly customization, this particular entry level one has really well designed heart rate monitoring programs. It’s about managing an exercise regimen and moving along towards fitness goals on an individual basis.

There are workout boosting programs, really challenging interval choices, and plenty of resistance levels so that just about anyone can get a great workout in, without spending countless hours every week.

Market Reactions

So far the Octane xR6 Classic Seated Elliptical is receiving really high marks from within the industry and consumers are blown away. It is similar to recumbent bikes, but in a completely different ball park. Rather than a cycling motion, the legs push, and rather than holding onto stationary handlebars, they move and provide a completely new and fresh layer of resistance. The xR6 has raised the bar for elliptical trainers, and this will continue.


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