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Primobolan For Bodybuilding

Metenex 100mg is an (Primobolan For Bodybuilding) artificial hormone, just like the naturally arising testosterone steroid. This steroid is mostly a mild anabolic and anti-catabolic and is used because it helps with nitrogen retention in the body. It is a little dangerous to your liver and almost without changing into estrogen. The chemical name of this steroid is Methenolone Enanthate.

Metenex 100 mg is an injectable anabolic and androgenic steroid, which is considered quite weak because its anabolic and androgenic effects are low. Metenix 100 mg has a significant advantage over other steroids in terms of binding to the androgen receptor, as it is much stronger than Testosterone.

It is a good help for fat loss, it doesn’t aromatize either. This steroid is medically proven to reduce breast cancer in women, and it has a half-life of around 10 days.

Primobolan For Bodybuilding


For male athlete users normally take 300 mg per week which is considered the low end dose. As Metenex is comparatively a mild anabolic steroid, most men can tolerate 400-500 mg every week very well. Even 600 mg would be good with most of the users. Regardless of the dosage, the steroid is normally recommended for 8-12 weeks only. Metenex100 mg will stack well with almost every anabolic steroid.

The recommended dose for female athletes is 50-200 mg per week as it is all they need. Majority of the women will find 4-6 weeks of usage more than enough for results.

It is always advised to consult a doctor before using any steroid, even though Metenex 100 mg is not a powerful steroid, you should discuss your medical condition and allergies to the doctor to avoid health issues.

Side Effects:

As Metenex 100 mg is not a powerful anabolic steroid, it does not have any severe side effects, but some rare side effects may include: excessive hair growth, voice change, increase in sexual desires, and acne.

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