Spirit MS300 Recumbent Total Body Stepper

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POWER: 90 to 240 volts AC (Standard Power Supply)
DIMENSIONS: 80.9”L x 35”W x 48.1”H (205.6cm x 82.6cm x 122.3cm)
NET WEIGHT: 257.9 lbs (117 kg)
MAX USER WEIGHT: 440 lbs (200 kg)


Spirit MS300 Recumbent Total Body Price

The Spirit Medical Systems Group Semi-Recumbent (Spirit MS300 Recumbent Total Body Price) Stepper is intended to be used in aiding in the physical rehabilitation process for patients with orthopedic and neurological problems. Also used in sports medicine, wellness and general conditioning programs.

The Spirit MS300 Recumbent Total Body Stepper facilitates full body exercise in coordinated, linear, natural 1:1 leg and arm motion. Self-adjustable stroke length accommodates patients’ specific range of motion capabilities, providing low impact movement for knees, ankles, and hips in a safe semi-recumbent position.

Versatile for different training emphasis, Spirit MS300 Stepper’s unique quadrilateral exercise pattern allows users to selectively distribute different extent of exercise efforts across their four limbs. Limbs that input more force can efficiently lead less involved limbs to functional movements and maintain elevated heart rate. A low inertia starting at 5 watts translates to smoothness; the work rate can increase up to 750 watts, accompanied by different step speeds of the user’s choice.

Advantages and Clinical Applications

Combined Upper and Lower Body Movements

Provides full body workout, building strength and range-of-motion and utilizing wellness programs to increase longevity

Dependently Linked, Linear Motion Pedals

Enables users to self-adjust the stroke length to accommodate their range-of-motion capabilities

Closed Kinetic Chain

Spirit MS300 Recumbent Total Body Stepper closed kinetic chain provides low impact movement with minimal stress on knees, ankles, hips and low back in a safe and comfortable semi-recumbent position

Quadrilateral Exercise Pattern

Allows users to distribute the exercise efforts across four limbs. By reducing the effort from the involved limb and transferring a greater effort to the uninvolved limbs, they will maintain.

Applications Include

Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, Neurological, and Cardiac Rehabilitation as well as Senior Rehab and Wellness Training

FRAME: Lifetime
LABOR: 1 Year




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