Star Trac 8CT Elliptical Cross Trainer

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STEP UP HEIGHT: 11in (28cm)
STRIDE LENGTH: 18in (48cm)
HEART RATE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM: Telemetry and contact HR (Bluetooth with embedded display)
MOVEMENT ARMS: Articulating, standard upright design
DISPLAY: Choose from LCD or 16” OpenHub display options
ACCESSORIES: Multiple bottle and accessory holders, LCD and display pre-wired for PVS entertainment, 800/900MHz receivers, and tablet holder
MAX USER WEIGHT: 400lbs (181 kg)
DRIVE: Front drive
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS: Self-generating LCD display. Touchscreen and PVS options require 12V/5 Amp power supply


The Star Trac 8CT Elliptical Cross Trainer. Elliptical training has become second only to treadmill training in facilities across the globe and it has become one of the most important cardio categories in the eyes of many clients. Finding the right motion, creating user-centric safety features and offering the industry’s best entertainment solutions was paramount in our Cross Trainer design. The breakthrough begins with an ingenious rear approach open-step design that gives you the safest possible entry and exit on and off the product. The pedal placement design offers a best in class Q factor for enhanced bio-mechanics and our Soft Trac® pedals in Star Trac 8CT Elliptical Cross Trainer ensures maximum comfort throughout the training session. The result is a better, more effective and more efficient workout.

The Star Trac 8 Series line was built to give you the quality and performance you expect from high-end machines with user-focused features like dual personal fans, a hot bar with heart rate monitoring and Soft Trac® technology. For a premium experience pair any 8 Series machine with the OpenHub console which provides entertainment, fitness tracking and asset management solutions that will offer a complete fitness experience to facility owners and their members.


Star Trac 8CT Elliptical Cross Trainer Key Features:

  • Choose from 16″ and LCD versions of the new OpenHub family of consoles.
  • Efficient footprint and approachable, stable platform with minimal step-up height for easy access from all angles
  • User-friendly console and keypad feature a large service scrolling message window, user-specific workout programs, a dedicated heart rate display, Polar telemetry and multiple cup and accessory holders
  • Star Trac’s popular personal fans create a more rewarding workout
  • Soft Trac pedals provide ultimate shock-absorbing comfort throughout the entire workout
  • Bluetooth connectivity for user workout data tracking
  • Telemetry and contact HR
  • USB charging port
  • HDMI streaming available with PVS and 16″ display
  • LCD display pre-wired for 8 Series PVS entertainment, 800/900mHZ receivers, and tablet holder
  • Electrical requirements: LCD is self-generating; touch screen and PVS options require 12V/5 Amp power supply
  • Start Up Watts: 20
  • Powder-coated Steel frame
  • 18 in (47 cm) Stride Length
Star Trac 8CT Elliptical Cross Trainer




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