WaterRower Classic S4 Rowing Machine

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FRAME: 5 Years
PARTS: 3 Years
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When you ride the WaterRower Classic S4 Rowing Machine it feels like you’re on a rowing team in London skimming atop some serene English lake in furious, yet controlled, competition. Hand-crafted out of a rich and hearty American Black Walnut, colors can naturally vary and fall anywhere between a deep brown to a silky purplish ebony. Believe it or not, these products are actually pretty high-brow at affordable rates. Each model is hand-finished with three coast of special Danish Oil that’s been in use since time everlasting.


Well, from a physics perspective it has a vast array engineering properties. First of all it absorbs sound and vibration. So you can imagine that riding the Classic S4 is as smooth and quiet as it gets. Secondly, it’s malleable and a premium hardwood that lasts and lasts. Think dimensional stability, ultimate durability, and a long lasting stylish look.


Engineers basically set out to recreate or mimic rowing a boat upon water, so they needed to craft a machine that has no resistance limit. Water is amazing stuff! It’s an incredibly valuable tool to people training their bodies for performance or rehabilitation purposes. Rowing itself in terms of calories burned per hour is as effective as swimming laps or continuously jump roping (without the impact to the ankles).

The faster a boat moves across the water the more drag is accumulates. On the rower, the harder you push the harder it gets without having to set any dials or push any buttons. It’s pretty much exactly like pushing a boat forward through water using oars.


While it’s definitely a modern machine that comes with a PC Interface so people can hook into their laptops, iPads, or Smartphones the WaterRower Classic S4 Rowing Machine is extremely user friendly. Whether in a private or commercial gym setting people can hop on, adjust themselves so that they’re in the right position, and then get going with either the QuickStart or QuickSelect options. Afterwards they can truly track their overall progress by using the AutoStore feature, or project into the future of their current workout using the AutoPreview function.

This means users can manually create their own workouts, shaped exactly the way they need to suit their own specific goals, and then they can store and revisit them whenever they want!


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