WaterRower M1 LoRise S4 Rowing Machine

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FRAME: 5 Years
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The WaterRower M1 LoRise S4 Rowing Machine is designed for commercial usage, in gyms, exercise studios and other such places, and has a lower to the ground rowing position. The tubular steel exercise machine replicates actual rowing motion and uses water resistance that produces the sound of waves to make your workouts as close as possible to rowing on water.



The rower is compatible with a number of PC programmes via a USB connection and has a great, clear performance monitor that boasts two workout programmes, a great range of feedback options and a Quick Start function. The dual rails ensure a very smooth experience, made comfortable by the ergonomic and padded handle and seat. The footboard is adjustable to suit a range of users and the rower can be folded up after use for easier storing.

People that use fitness equipment like the WaterRower M1 LoRise S4 Rowing Machine are typically after natural fluid movement. These folks want to really feel like they’re cruising down a calm river or across a serene lake burning tons of calories in an efficient, safe, and low impact way. For private or commercial gym owners, it’s about giving their clients and members the best so they get the results their after. Furthermore, owning a low maintenance machine made of tough materials is a huge bonus as well.


  • QuickStart Feature – simply press the On button and the monitor is ready for use, away you row
  • QuickSelect Feature – most common applications are accessible by pressing just one button and using the navigation button accordingly
  • AutoStore Feature – automatically stores the last 9 historic workout settings for easy recall
  • AutoPreview Function – when stored programs are previewed in their memory location, or when they are loaded ready for a work out, the settings are scrolled through for viewing
  • Zone Feature – set your desired intensity, strokerate or heartrate zone and you are alerted when you are above or below the zone
  • ZoneBar Feature – when you are inside your zone the zone bar tells you where you are within your zone
  • Distance Workout Feature – set a desired distance and work down to zero, average workout statistics will show upon completion along with the total time
  • Duration Workout Feature – set a desired duration and work down to zero, average workout statistics will show upon completion along with the total distance
  • Interval Workout Feature – set a up to 9 work intervals (of distance or duration) separated by rest durations. Receive alarms and statistics at the interval end
  • PC Interface – link the S4 Monitor to your PC and have access to a wide variety of 3rd party and open source software


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