Xtreme Energy

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Energy and Strength Booster | High dosage of active ingredients | Helps improve performance | Favorable influence on endurance | Stimulates reaction speed and concentration | When you feel lethargic, you need an energy boost.



What’s The Best Energy Supplement

Maximum support is needed (What’s The Best Energy Supplement) for extreme performance. In the formula of King Active Xtreme Energy, a combination of powerful herbs has been chosen to support optimal energy management and deliver physically demanding performance.
  • Energy and Strength Booster.
  • High dosage of active ingredients.
  • Helps improve performance.
  • Favorable influence on endurance.
  • Stimulates reaction speed and concentration.
  • When you feel lethargic, you need an energy boost.
  • Recovery after a workout.
  • Helps with tiredness and fatigue.
  • 100% natural and Vegan.
  • Activates the natural energy in the body.

Energy And Stamina

Not only increased stamina, but also having more energy are the result of the combination of natural ingredients in this energy booster, so that these ingredients contribute to peak performance.

Contents King Active Xtreme Energy

King Active Xtreme Energy contains 60 energy capsules of 100% natural ingredients:

Guarana extract
Guarana extract contributes to both physical and mental health. This fat burner ensures higher alertness and concentration due to its naturally occurring caffeine content. Guarana extract also has a positive influence on increasing libido and energy levels in the body.

Burma spirulina powder
This protein-rich algae plant (up to 70%) has an extremely high nutritional value and is therefore a rich source of protein and other essential nutrients. Spirulina is also a powerful antioxidant that positively stimulates the immune system.

Cordyceps sinensis powder
Due to a number of specific health benefits, this mushroom is often used for athletic performance. Cordyceps is an adaptogen, which means it supports the body with hormonal imbalance and sexual problems. In addition to supporting reduced libido, Cordyceps also helps with stress and fatigue.

Chlorella vulgaris powder
The detoxifying effect of the freshwater algae Chlorella ensures that it has a liver-protective effect and, like spirulina, chlorella also works as a powerful antioxidant. Chlorella contains about 20 vitamins and minerals and supports, among other things, the cell renewal process.



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