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Sometimes the right way is the easy way. Cleanses don’t have to be difficult to be effective. No starvation. No lemon pepper water. Just 1 capsule before bed each night for 7 days with increased water intake.

  1. Take 1-2 Capsules. Take zuPOOwith a full glass of water prior to bedtime. Continue to drink plenty of water throughout the cleanse.
  2. Wait 12-48 Hours. You may notice a buildup of gas over the first 12-24 hours. Expect a flushing of waste within 48 hours.
  3. Take Consistently for 7 Days, Every 4-6 Weeks. Continue supplementing before bed for the entire duration of the cleanse. We do not recommend taking zuPOO more frequently than one full cleanse per 4-6 weeks.


Looking for a gut cleanse supplement? Look no further than zuPOO! Our stomach flush formula helps to support waste elimination and promote healthy bowel movements, making it an ideal cleanse for gut health. Due to nutrient-poor modern diets, it’s no wonder so many people have experienced feeling bloated and struggling with weight loss.* Trust zuPOO for a colon and gut cleanse, leaving you with a clean gut.†

  • Digestion
  • Cleanse
  • Lightened Load

It’s time for a flush.Support digestion, cleansing & lightened load with zuPOO.


Healthy digestion is key to overall well-being. Experience a smoother digestion process when you clear out your digestive tract and reset with zuPOO.†


The right cleanse can support healthy digestion. Support waste elimination with zuPOO to help flush out potential hormonal blockers in your stomach.†


Gut got you feeling uncomfortable, sluggish, weighed down, or just plain backed up? A colon cleanse with zuPOO may help you feel lighter and slimmer.†*


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