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Just check the reviews from our customers.
You Can see it on our website and on the other big Websites For Reviews.
We are one of the biggest fitness shops in the US.
NO need to worry, You will get all You paid for.

You have to wait:

up to 2-4 hours to confirm the payment.

up to 12 hours to order processing

+ delivery time (depends which method You chosed)

Usually we confirm all orders in 2-4 hours and send order same time.

We confirm the payment up to 2-4 hours (usually next working day after payment)

We work Mondays to Sundays.

If You waiting for order confirmation longer than 2-4 hours  please be patient.

We will send tracking within 24 hours of sending the order.

We do not accept Paypal anymore.

You Can not pay with Paypal for things like this.

We recommend P2P Payments, Bank Transfers or go to Bank Branch and make deposit.

The sis labs stopped to make the plastic sealed.

You Can check on the sis labs official website.

If tracking shows the order is lost.
We re-send the order.

We accept returns/refunds only if there is no problems with the product for example: verification codes not working, products looks different than original or are damaged.

If your order has been paid and you have not received any confirmation by email within 48 hours, please let us know ASAP!!

If tracking or documentation shows the order has been seized.
You have a choice.
We refund 75% of the order price or send order one last time.
(If second parcel also get lost. We will not offer any refund then)

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