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Your body is a naturally energetic system. While caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant, it should be taken in moderation along with vitamins and minerals that support natural energy production. The crazy thing is – the natural route can be even more effective for long term energy production and performance.† ZUUM PRE-WORKOUT by UMZU is a thoroughly research-backed blend of 10 natural ingredients, all listed right on the label! ZUUM PRE-WORKOUThas been used by thousands to support natural energy production, boost muscle pump and blood flow, increase stamina and improve performance.†

  • Mix 1 Scoop. Mix 1 scoop of ZUUM PRE-WORKOUT in a glass of water or shaker bottle 20-30 minutes before your workout.
  • Preserve Your Health. By eliminating harmful additives and fillers from your pre-workout routine, you help support your body while working on it.
  • Bundle And Boost The Muscle Pump. Take ZUUM PRE-WORKOUTwith REDWOOD before exercise for unmatched vascularity and muscle pump.



Feel a rush of smooth, clean energy and focus from natural ingredients. No fillers, additives or artificial chemicals – just results.

ZUUM PRE-WORKOUT contains a powerful blend of B-Vitamins and Electrolytes, as well as two powerful supplement combinations that work synergistically to support your performance:

Natural Caffeine and L-Theanine: This combination helps to smooth out your energy, so you feel as good an hour into your workout as you did on minute 1.

Nitrosigine® and Astragin®: This combination is a powerful blood flow supporter, giving you an unmatched pump and even more energy to support your workouts.

  • Energy
  • Pump
  • Stamina

Experience the best workout of your life.Support energy, pump & stamina with ZUUM PRE-WORKOUT.


Feel an incredible rush of energy with ZUUM PRE-WORKOUT. Not the energy that leaves you overwhelmed, but a smooth, sustained energy you’ll love.†


The ingredients in ZUUM PRE-WORKOUTsupport healthy blood flow, which helps deliver nutrients around your body and provides an unmatched muscle pump.†


The L-Theanine x Natural Caffeine combination in ZUUM PRE-WORKOUT smooths energy over a longer period of time. Workout harder, longer and stronger.†

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  1. Zoey Einston

    I bought this product 2 weeks ago, and trust me it is working the way i wanted it to. I will advise you guys to try it out.

    Zoey Einston
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